The Full 100 Internet radio station is groundbreaking for Bermuda as it is host to a variety of talk programs and podcast while playing adult contemporary music throughout the day. Though talk radio is arguably one of the most popular formats, Bermudians aren't spoiled with options. We're providing a new platform and additional options to Bermudians with a range of specialized talk programs and podcasts.


The Full 100 Radio debuted in the summer of 2018 with the hit program, The Full 100 Show hosted by Jamel Hardtman.  This was followed by the first live show on the station, Unapologetically Live featuring Eugene Johnston and Jamel Hardtman. The conversations on this station are deep, inspiring, and hard-hitting. 

The station hopes to provide a platform for aspiring podcasters who are dedicated to their craft. We intend to be the number one spot for conversations and entertainment. Become part of the family by subscribing to our website and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let's have fun and grow together.